Your satisfaction is our priority. As part of our ISO 9001 certification, all our teams are constantly looking after the quality of the manufactured products. That is why we guarantee all our products under normal conditions of use.

A variable warranty according to the ranges. Our custom carpets are guaranteed 1 year, our custom covers and our Preference range: 2 years. Regarding the range of reinforced covers that are made from a particularly resistant material, the warranty extends even up to 3 years!

A simple and quick process. In case of a complaint, 3 steps are enough to analyze your request:

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Step 1: Description and pictures

Two elements must imperatively be photographed:

  • The defect or picture of the non-compliance 

  • The traceability label (located under the driver or the passenger seat cover, door side)

A complete and detailed description of the problem

All these elements (photos and description) are to be sent by clicking the button bellow. 

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Step 2: Technical diagnosis and responsibilities 

Our Quality Department will analyze in details your claim and the product specifications, in order to make a diagnosis. You will be quickly advised in writing of our decision.

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Step 3: Manufacturing and shipping

If the warranty applies, a new product will be manufactured and shipped to you, as soon as possible, to replace the faulty product.


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