Protective covers

Reveal covers, bodywork protection covers, car covers, etc.: regardless of the term used and the intended use, these covers aim first and foremost at protecting your vehicle against dust, dirt and scratches. Groupe Safar offers a full range of high-quality protective covers to automotive professionals and companies with fleets.

Outdoor car covers:  also known as CVE, these covers are “semi-bespoke”, which means they adapt to the vehicles overall dimensions without being  totally fitted and adjusted (especially around the mirrors). These are the most resistant covers.

Indoor car covers (or CVI):  these covers are available either “bespoke” or as a standard model.

The different models 

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Indoor covers (CVI)

Elles sont utilisées à deux fins : 

    • Professional framework: to enhance the vehicle, incite curiosity, desire, and discovery during the release of a new vehicle, in the dealership or at a trade fair. We therefore talk of REVEAL COVERS. These can also be used when handing over the keys or preparing a vehicle in advance.
    • Pour les particuliers : un couvre voiture d'intérieur permet de protéger un véhicule stationné dans un endroit abrité (ex :garage) de la poussière et des rayures. Renseignements auprès de votre concessionnaire.

     Caractéristiques techniques :  

    • Bespoke: adapts perfectly to the shape of each vehicle
    • With spaces for the mirrors.
    • Fluid fabric: quick installation/removal..
    • Reusable product: easy to store.
    • Machine washable at 30°.
    • Different colours available.  
    • Customization: logo branding possible.

    Outdoor covers (CVE)

    Intended for vehicles parked on the street or in an unsheltered area, our car covers have been designed to resist: 

    • Bad weather, damp, frost, snow and UV.
    • Animal droppings (birds, etc.).
    • Dust and tree sap. 

     Technical specifications:

    • Woven PVC; waterproof and resistant (from +85° to -30°).
    • Vents: combat condensation..
    • Quilted inner lining: protects paint and bodywork..
    • Elastic tension: efficiently holds the car cover in place.
    • Semi-bespoke: takes different sizes/cars into consideration..
    • Colours: light grey, doesn’t show too much dirt..
    • Washable.
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    Customization examples 

    In the Team 114 colours

    For our partner, who wanted to bring cohesion and visibility to the team, Groupe SAFAR created a range of customized protective covers marketed in the Honda Racing Team colours. 

    N.B.: the harmony between the cover and the parking mat forms a highly visual and stylish set, fully in line with the world of competitive motocross.

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    Our quality commitments 

    Material quality

    Tear-proof fabric 
    Easy to install

    Machine or hand washable


    Quality manufacturing

    Bespoke production
    Our company is certified ISO 9001


    All our covers come with a 2-year warranty 
    (materials and manufacturing)